Can you make life-size topiaries?

I can make a life size and larger topiaries of any creature or object you please to 20 feet height or so, comfortably.

What is the turn around time on a topiary?

Turn around time on a topiary order is one week to two months depending on the size and how many sculptures are in line in front of yours for creation.

What Materials do you use to make the topiaries?

Our topiaries are essentially a steel wire sculpture frame made of three-eighths inch smooth round steel all hand bent, welded internally supported and welded strong to a base which can serve as a pallet for moving the sculpture.

After making the framed sculpture the topiary can either have a shrubbery grown into it or the frame can be stuffed with Sphag Moss and secured with 50-pound fishing line and then planted with vines succulents annuals or perennials. The third alternative is to have the frame covered with artificial boxwood or other artificial material that has ultraviolet protection built in.

How would I get my topiary?

We ship worldwide via UPS, FedEx, Freight, or your favorite shipper.

Larger pieces of topiary we can deliver on our own trucks or we can build the sculpture right on site at your place.